Market Hero Coin Announced

Stan Larimer has announced a new token called “The Market Hero“.  It will provide a stable 5% growth per year, and is specifically designed to be non-volatile.  There is a huge market for retirees and baby boomers in their 50s and 60s who need to get a reasonable return on their investment.  The US Dollar continues to lose value, i.e. buy power each year.  Instead, they can own something that actually appreciates.

The “orphans and widow” funds have never invested in BitCoin because of it’s extreme volatility.  It often sees bounces of 10 or 20% in a day.  Take a look at the chart below.  BitCoin went from around 2150 to 2950 in one month, then dropped back down to under 2400.


Such huge swings can nearly cause heart attacks in some investors.  Businesses are hesitant to accept BitCoin, because they feel they need to exchange it to USD immediately, lest it have a “crash” within a few hours after having received it.

Watch this site for more details coming soon.  But the idea is that Market Heros are created when someone locks down double the amount of BitShares.  Bitshares is a coin and blockchain that runs on the Graphene blockchain.  It is fast, and highly successful, but for some reason, maybe marketing, it has not risen to the top of the cryptocurrency marketcaps (although it is usually in the top 15).

Stan’s son Dan Larimer actually created Graphene, and now is has announced EOS, possibly the new “Ethereum killer.”  Stan has created an actual billion dollar prize.  His investors are locking one million dollars of Bitshares into a smart contract.  He estimates that within a year or so, the price of Bitshares will go up 1000x (what Stan called “three factors of 10”).  This has happened to other alt-coins, why not Bitshares?  Today, the price is like a penny stock, roughly 25 cents per coin (or token).  So it would only have to go to $250 to have a 1000 times increase, which in turn would turn the million that was escrowed into one billion.

Stan includes some rules on his post, but the final rules will be available on July 4th when the project launches. He refers to people joining teams, and the prize goes to the winning team.  Apparently, that will be the team that sells or creates the most Market Hero coins?
Then how will that team distribute it’s prize among it’s members?  Hopefully, all this will be more clear on the launch day.   Stan seems like July 4th, which is now called “Global Independence Day”, and that was the same day Bitshares was conceived in 2013.

One user on SteemIt has outlined how to participate in the Market Hero.  But for now, best to wait for the launch day, and also to know in advance who your team is.  This website is already on one of the teams, and more information will be coming in future logs.

Below is the full presentation that Stan gave in Hollywood:

Heronomex Launch Announcement – CRS 2017 Day 2 [VGA 480p] from Dylan Howard on Vimeo.