What is the Sovereign Hero Coin?

Since the advent of the BitCoin, the world of currency has never been the same. Individuals and companies now have options. Whether they wish to trade or simply invest, people are no longer confined to the limitations imposed by traditional currencies. Decentralized currencies are certainly the wave of the future, and they are steadily gaining momentum today.

Understanding the Hero

What exactly is the Sovereign Hero Coin?  It’s main purpose is to provide a safe 5% annual increase in value for people who want a good, long term, low risk investment.  Gone are the days of getting 4-6% interest on savings accounts, which has hurt many widows, orphans, and retirees.  These people are looking for somewhere safe to put their money so that it grows.

The Sovereign Hero is the first economy-backed currency thus far. The coin is double-backed by equity in BitShares. The coin is part of a network that is incorruptible, totally transparent, and lightning fast. This coin is the most honest form of currency ever to hit the market.

And is is super fast.  This decentralized coin has ultra-fast transaction times, far surpassing those of major credit cards and thousands of other digital currencies. This coin has the capacity to match the trading volume of the NASDAQ, and it handles orders the moment they are submitted.

Additionally, the risk involved is much lower than for a normal coin startup. This is because the reserve capital of each company involved has combined revenue streams backing it up, making it a more solid choice than countless other options. BitShares has the backing of industry earnings.  To create a Market Hero (Sovereign Hero), an owner of BitShares must lock down at least double the value of Market Hero being created.  That owner is then basically selling short the Market Hero coin, in order to leverage it (i.e. put the money back in BitShares or some other coin that he expects to go up greatly in value).  The BitShares owner is taking on additional risk, while at the same time creating a low–to-now risk investment for others.

Since the creator of the coin is leveraged, it is possible he can get hit with a margin call. (See https://steemit.com/hero/@lukestokes/i-got-margin-called-on-hero-today-things-don-t-always-go-up).   That means he could lose some of his BitShares.  But again, the buyer of the Market Hero is happy as a lark, safely receiving his 5% per annum increase in value.

What Makes the Hero Different?

The Sovereign Hero Coin stands apart from its competitors in a variety of ways. Its value is highly stable, and it is poised to appreciate against the United States dollar by five percent on a yearly basis. This coin may be transferred in mere seconds anywhere in the world. It is compatible with current debit cards and wire transfer mechanisms, so it offers an appealing degree of flexibility.

The coin’s collateral is transparent, and it is backed by the integrity that only a robotic mechanism can offer. This is the only coin that has been created to merge with the mainstream. The Hero is as safe and stable as gold, with a solid appreciation value, and it offers super-fast payment.

How the Sovereign Hero Coin Works

Now that you understand the cutting edge appeal of this coin, you probably want to know how it works. The Hero is actually a loan made by the BitShares network. It’s backed by collateral that is twice its value in the shares offered by that network (the shares are referred to as BTS). As you spend the Hero, the shares continue to appreciate. The coin represents a stable form of currency that is backed by BTS collateral. That collateral goes into escrow. You may reverse the process by purchasing Hero coins to pay off the loan you acquire as an investor. When the value of the BTS collateral grows by more than 3.33 percent, and no premium is placed on the price feed, your yield will be positive.

The Sovereign Hero Coin takes the best aspects of centralized currency even further. This incorruptible coin could fundamentally change the way you invest in currencies in the future. You can either spend the coins or allow them to appreciate. Either way, you benefit from investing in and spending the world’s first economy-backed currency.